Avevale College stands in its own extensive grounds just
outside the village of Avevale, eight miles from Eltdown.
Regular bus services stop just outside the gates, and the
College has ample parking.
Founded in 1885, Avevale College is a fully independent
secondary and tertiary educational establishment offering a
wide range of courses in the fields of art, literature, music,
science and the humanities. We have places for up to one
hundred and thirty full-time students at any given time,
with an average staff-student ratio of one to five, and we also
offer part-time tuition outside regular hours. The college is fully funded by an independent trust, and
tuition fees are thus kept to a reasonable minimum.
The buildings date from the eighteenth century, and were designed by Gervase Frantick for the Convulsion
family, who owned the estate continuously from Norman times. The main building in particular is of
considerable historical and architectural interest. The interiors have been sensitively modernised
throughout, and we can offer state-of-the-art equipment and teaching materials. Courses can be tailored to
meet the student's individual needs, within certain parameters; our aim throughout is to provide a fully
rounded and holistic education as a broad base for future specialist studies, rather than mere vocational
training. While we do not emphasise the achievement of paper qualifications over the transmission of
knowledge and skills, it is notable that the College's academic record is unsurpassed in the area, with a
greater percentage of students achieving outstanding examination results than any other comparable
There is ample scope for physical recreation as well, though no formal sports tuition is undertaken.
Accommodation is on-campus, with most students housed in the main building, and full access to the
grounds, which were landscaped in 1769 by Matthew Glascock of Eltdown, and cover several hundred acres.
Full board is provided, and we can cater for all dietary requirements.
The cultural life of the College is one of our most valued assets. We stage plays, concerts and other artistic
events several times a year. While focussing primarily on Western European traditions, we also endeavour to
place these in a broader global context, and encourage a multi-disciplinary approach.
Avevale College is neither faith-based, nor exclusively secular, and religious belief is left entirely to the
conscience of the individual student.
For further information and to apply for admission, please contact: Carole Varland (Admissions Secretary),
Avevale College, North Road, AVEVALE EL8 4LT. Tel. (018392) 7734. Fax (018392) 9801. Email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.