I'm Jonathan Waite. I was born some time ago and started writing shortly thereafter.

I love telling stories, and I have a stable of characters in my head,

many of whom sneak out of their own stories and meet up with the others to frequent pubs and other low places and talk about me behind my back. Not that I'm paranoid, you understand. I just know they're plotting to take over.

My passion is for science fiction and fantasy, and those are the kind of stories I love to tell. I write fairly light, comedic tales for the most part; I don't do gritty realism or high-falutin epics, and my characters often have quite good days and are very seldom depressed (unlike me). 

I live with my wife, who also writes, and a floating population of cats (who generally don't) in a particularly beautiful part of Britain, and wish more of my friends did. Thank goodness for email and the Web.

I hope you enjoy my stories, and the incidental material you'll find on this site, which is designed and hosted by Daniel Pütz.

Zander Nyrond