Here you find links to some interesting websites. Hope you'll enjoy.

Print books and ebooks on

Here you will find the Chronicles of Mershane, fantastic far-future stories by Janet M Warner, and also several books by me.

Music by me on Bandcamp

Two instrumental albums and one of songs, available for download at whatever price you feel like paying.

Cosmic Trifle

The filk-folk-whatever band to which I am humbly thankful to be allowed to contribute in my small way.

Merchandise from Spreadshirt

T-shirts, mugs and tote bags featuring designs based on the Mershane books and my work too.

Site belonging to my wondrous web wizard, Daniel Pütz, who created and maintains this site.

Gestalt's Facebook Page

My fictional far-future rock band, Gestalt, here to prove that the future is exactly what it used to be, if you just wait long enough...