That's wonderful. Seriously, thank you. I write for people to read, and it was my hope, when we set up this site, that if people did read, they would feel inclined to send donations to keep me afloat and writing (we live at the moment on two very small civil service pensions and a couple of sickness-related benefits which our government plan eventually to take away from us so that we'll miraculously get better and go back to work). And many of you did, and for that there could never be thanks enough.

Sadly, that same government has now dealt a death blow to many of the new micro-businesses, while of course safeguarding the profits of big businesses that might otherwise have been slightly reduced, by introducing a new system of VAT which requires anyone who sells in more than one country to register for VAT and keep accounts of where all their customers live so as to pay VAT at the rate for that country. And while there's some doubt as to whether what I do counts as selling, and the amounts involved have never been huge, it's a doubt of which I don't want to fall foul.

So as of today, I am removing as many of the Paypal links from this site as I can, and if you see one, please don't use it. If you know my email address, and feel like sending a donation, I don't think that can get me into trouble, and you can still buy our books from Lulu and my music from Bandcamp (links on the Links page) but I can no longer ask for donations in exchange for my writings. It's a shame, because it did give me a feeling that I was putting my few talents to practical use, but that seems to be something our leaders would prefer I didn't do.

Again, thank you for all your support over the years, and I hope you continue to enjoy the writings that will continue to appear on the pages of Avevale.